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Sustainable Sewing

Every year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to think about ways you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in your daily life, including your favourite hobby! Making sustainable choices when you sew can help make a real impact on our planet.


Sustainable sewing means sewing in a way which leaves a minimal impact on the planet. Keep reading to learn how we produce our patterns with this in mind. You can help by making garments designed to last for a long time and finding ways to reduce fabric wastage. Consider using eco-friendly fabric or reusing old textiles. And check out our lists of 20+ scrap busting patterns and our top 10 sustainable sewing projects.

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20+ Stash Busting Sewing Patterns

Patterns perfect for scraps!

Did you know?

All our pattern products use recycled materials. And we’re proud to be part of a lasting tradition where makers reuse and reinvent our patterns, owning them for many years after they first bought them.

Although paper can be both biodegradable and easily recyclable, it can also be the product of deforestation or poor forestry practices if not sourced sustainably.

As well as using recycled paper in our production we work with accredited paper mills to source our stock:

– Our tissue paper comes from a FSC certified mill.
– The guide sheet paper comes from a FSC & SFI certified mill.
– And our envelope paper comes from a FSC, SFI and PEFC certified mill.


Read our Sustainability Statement to learn more.

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Shop Smart For Fabric

Hannah shares her top tips for sewing with preloved fabrics and clothes! As a Charity shopper and fashion diy-er, she is a lover of vintage and shopping secondhand! She’s proving sustainable fashion is the future. 


Turn scraps into treasure!

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Learn how to preserve your sewing patterns

Your favourite sewing patterns can be preserved so you can use them over and over again without fear of ripping or distorting them. Whether it’s your favourite tried design you’ve made several times, or you want to use multiple pattern sizes on the same tissue, our tips can show you how to help your pattern survive for many uses.

15 eco-friendly sewing projects

Use this helpful list to make sustainable home supplies and accessories to make your life more eco-friendly and cut down waste like single use plastic.

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