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Vintage Patterns

Vintage Patterns

Our range of vintage sewing patterns has been specifically curated from the world's biggest brands to allow you to create the vintage look you've always dreamed of. Featuring tops, skirts, dresses and more, this collection makes it easy to design the perfect vintage look for any occasion. Whether you’re off to a wedding or just spending the day with your family, you’ll always have an outfit which showcases your unique sense of style. All patterns in our vintage patterns collection have been designed to be as flexible as possible. You’ll easily be able to make any required adjustments to ensure the perfect fit and tweak the patterns to truly make them your own. You’re only limited by your imagination! Browse our full range of vintage sewing patterns today to discover you next favourite outfit.

Can I adjust the measurements?

All patterns we sell have been designed from the start to be as adaptable as possible and come in a variety of measurements, meaning you can always make the adjustments required to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I customise the patterns to suit my style?

If you’re an expert seamstress and want to adjust to your chosen pattern, we allow the flexibility to do just that. Want to remove the sleeves? No problem. Feel like you'd be better suited to a slightly different neckline? You can go right ahead. Our aim is to sell sewing patterns you’ll always love and can alter as much as you want.

I’m a beginner, are these vintage sewing patterns suitable for me?

All patterns in our vintage patterns collection come complete with easy-to-follow instructions, making them completely accessible to beginners

How do I order?

Ordering our vintage patterns is easy. Once you find the pattern you like, simply click ‘add to cart’ on the product page before going through our fast, easy, secure checkout process to complete your order. And if we don’t have your chosen item in stock you can choose to be alerted by email the moment it arrives, ensuring you never have to miss out again.