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How to Sew: Stitch in the Ditch

Watch our helpful video guide: How to stitch in the ditch. One of our Learn To Sew video guides.

You can also download a PDF copy of this tutorial.

This video shows how to stitch in the ditch. Stitching in the ditch is a great way to secure waistbands but you may also use it on shirt plackets, collar stands, and even to secure facings. It gives a beautiful finish on the inside of the garment if you prefer machine sewing to hand sewing. It’s done from the right side of the garment, so you need to ensure your facing is pinned in the right place before you start.

There is a special presser foot available specifically for stitching in the ditch, if you want to invest in one – it includes a guide that opens the  seam slightly to keep your stitching hidden.

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