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Introducing indie pattern designer Brandi Joan

For anyone who has not tried Brandi Joan McCall’s designs… Can you talk about your design style and inspiration?
Well, first, I would say that they should definitely give them a try! I like to create pieces that are both romantic and functional. My designs make you feel put-together and confident while still being comfortable. I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage styles, but I’m always looking for ways to add a modern twist.

Introducing our newest Indie Sewing Pattern Collaboration! Brandi Joan is our latest indie sewing pattern designers for McCall’s. A sewist, pattern designer, and content creator, Brandi shares her work across her social media accounts and YouTube channel including sewalongs for her patterns and helpful sewing tutorials for all skill levels. Her fun approach to fashion and style mean her patterns are on trend and designed to make a statement. Let’s get to know her more…

When did you decide to become a pattern designer?
I went to school for fashion design, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit in 2020 that I started creating home sewing patterns. With all the extra time on my hands; I started sharing more of my creations on social media. People kept asking me where I got the patterns from, so I decided to put them up for sale on Etsy. It’s been such a fun and rewarding journey ever since! I love being able to help other sewists create beautiful garments that they can be proud of.

Tell us about your workspace!
My workspace is where I spend 90% of my life!  I try to keep things organized, but it’s definitely a creative mess most of the time. I’m blessed to have a beautiful sun lit studio in this amazing old craftsman in Los Angeles. I have one table for my machines and another for cutting, and of course, the walls are lined with overflowing bins of fabric. It’s the most space I’ve ever had and it’s the first time I’ve had wood flooring. It’s so nice not to have to worry about pins getting stuck in the carpet!


What is your favourite pattern from your McCall’s collection?
Oh jeez, it’s tough to pick just one favorite! If I had to choose… I’d say I’m still pretty obsessed with the milkmaid dress (M8359) that I released last season. It’s the perfect mix of flirty and feminine and I love how it can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood.

As well as your patterns, you’ve just finished a runway collection and have amazingly successful social accounts and YouTube channel. What does a typical day include for you?
Haha, it does sound like a lot when you put it all in one sentence like that! A typical day for me usually starts with coffee with my boyfriend. Then, depending on what I’m working on that week, it could involve any number of things, like designing, sewing, filming, driving to the fabric store (just got my license!), or any of the dozens of tasks that I do for my businesses! I love that each day is a different challenge and requires me to fill multiple roles. I’m so blessed to be able to bring these designs and inspiration to people, and I can’t wait to reach even more!

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