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5 sewing mistakes to avoid

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at sewing, or new to the game, we all have room for improvement. With a little bit of preparation and the right tools, many a disaster can be averted! Here are our top 5 sewing mistakes to avoid:

  • Diving straight in – one great idea is to make a toile, in plain fabric such as calico. You can see how the pattern will fit your body shape, and it gives you a practice run. It may take longer, but it’s worth the effort – any necessary adjustments become clear, and you can avoid any mistakes on your finished piece!
  • Incorrectly matching fabric – make sure you are using the right fabric for your design, no matter how tempted you might be! Always try and match what the original designer has used, and follow the recommendations on the instructions.
  • Using pins where you can use weights – pins can damage your machine, and ruin your seams. Use weights where you can, and whatever you do – don’t sew over pins.
  • Using the wrong needle or thread – different types of fabric call for different needles. Universal needles are not completely universal! They should only be used on natural fabrics, whereas stretch needles should be used on – you guessed it – stretchy fabrics. There are also specific needles for leather and metallic fabrics.
  • Rushing – Don’t be frustrated if you’re struggling with something. Take your time, and remember – sewing should be enjoyable!

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