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Like sister and brother, our Coordinates sewing patterns give you designs that complement one another perfectly and, together, will add versatility and consistent style to your wardrobe.

Whether it's a match-up of tops and dresses, jackets and skirts, or simply a choice between similar jumpsuit designs, coordination is the aim of the game in this range.

That means in many cases, Coordinates sewing patterns will reuse the same skills and techniques in each garment, or the same specific design elements like the shape of the neckline or the method of closure.

If you need to give multiple gifts, these sewing patterns are a great way to give each person something truly unique, yet which will look consistent when worn alongside the other garments from the same pattern set.

You might choose to do this as gifts for siblings, for instance, or even to give several matching garments as a single gift bundle to one lucky recipient.

There's no shortage of variety though, either within individual pattern packs, or across the range - so take a look at the whole selection to find your favourite designs.

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