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The Great British Sewing Bee Series 6 - 2020

Our favourite TV show is back!

The Great British Sewing Bee series 6 has now commenced, with 12 sewers (up from 10 last year) competing to be crowned the best sewer in Britain. The series will once again be hosted by comedian Joe Lycett, with Patrick Grant and Esme Young returning as judges.

The sewers battling it out in the Sewing Bee this year are:

Alex, a 24-year-old student from Gloucestershire and the youngest contestant

Ali, a Paramedic from West Yorkshire who runs her own sewing blog

Angillia, a retired Primary School Teacher who loves to make bold, colourful outfits for formal events and parties

Clare, a Hospital Doctor who loves the creative escape sewing provides from her hectic job

Fiona from Renfrewshire, who sews almost daily in the dedicated studio at the top of her house

Hazel, a 26-year-old Charity Worker from Kent who was inspired to start sewing again after the birth of her son and loves to create matching outfits for her family

Liz, a 37-year-old from Middlesbrough who loves goth punk style and has used sewing to create her unique, homemade wardrobe

Mark, a Personal Banker from Kenilworth who finally found the confidence to start sewing three years ago after dreaming of starting from a young age

Matt from London, who was inspired to start sewing in 2017 when he decided to throw a drag party and make his own dress

Nicole, a Jewellery Designer from London who started sewing as a teenager so she could create her own outfits

Peter from Brighton, who was taught to sew by his mum as a child and had his passion reignited by The Great British Sewing Bee

Therese, a Semi-retired Tutor from East Sussex who was taught to sew as a little girl by her primary school teacher.

Each week the band of intrepid sewers will be attempting challenges designed to test their sewing skills to the limit, creating some imaginative and amazing looks.

Our team will be pattern spotting, identifying designs the same or similar in style and features to those used on the show. So you can get involved in making - as well as watching!

The Great British Sewing Bee Series 6 – Episode Guide

Episode 1: Wardrobe Staples Week

Kicking off the series this year was Wardrobe Staples Week, during which the contestants were tasked with creating, you guessed it, three wardrobe essentials. Starting off with a creating a wrap skirt for their pattern challenge, our sewers were then tasked with transforming two men’s office shirts into a stylish women’s outfit before creating a made-to-measure tea dress for a model.

Garment of the week: Matt’s Prim and Proper tea dress Eliminated: Angillia

Episode 2: Holiday Week

Episode two saw our favourite band of sewers return to showcase their skills in creating amazing looks for holidays. We may not be able to go on holiday this year, but at least we’ll have more than enough time to practice our own versions of these creations!

The pattern challenge this week was to create a pair of palazzo pants with an invisible zip and pockets, perfect for strolling around on a warm summer day. Following this, the sewers were tasked with transforming a towel into a stylish beach cover-up before designing a colourful beach shirt for their made-to-measure challenge.

Garment of the week: Mark’s Tropical Holiday Shirt

Eliminated: Alex

Episode 3: Children’s Week

Always providing an extra challenge when on a time-limit, week three in the Great British Sewing Bee 2020 was Children’s Week – which tasked the sewers with creating three garments for children. Things kicked off with the sewers creating a child’s smoked dress in the pattern challenge before moving on to arguably the most fun transformation challenge yet: turning sleeping bags into food shaped fancy dress. Finally, the made-to-measure task required the contestants to create a pair of girl’s or boy’s dungarees which fit well but provided enough movement to play in.

Garment of the week: Therese’s Purple Grapes Outfit

Eliminated: Fiona

Episode 4: Sports Week

Episode four saw our contestants enter the sewing arena for some sporting fun as Sports Week commenced. Kicking off with the creation of a rugby shirt for the pattern challenge, the episode then saw the sewers being tasked with transforming a cagoule into a waterproof onesie for toddlers before designing tennis outfits in the made-to-measure challenge.

Garment of the week: Ali’s Bold Floral Tennis Outfit

Eliminated: Hazel

Episode 5: Lingerie and Sleepwear Week

After all their exertions so far, week five saw the sewers given the freedom to create some amazing sleepwear and lingerie. The show kicked off with the pattern challenge, in which the contestants were tasked with creating a tricky boned basque. Following this, they got to the real fun: transforming pyjamas and nightwear into summer dresses before designing two-piece female sleepwear in the made-to-measure challenge.

Garment of the week: Therese’s Floral Cotton Sleep Set

Eliminated: Ali

Episode 6: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Week

The fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters. Reduce, reuse and recycle week showed how sewers can help change that by recycling old fabrics, with all fabric used in the episode coming from charity shop clothes and soft furnishings. To start, the contestants were asked to create a men's bomber jacket from four second hand women's garments. The transformation challenge took reuse one step further, with the sewers creating stylish, wearble garments from old laundry baskets. The made-to-measure challenge this week was a sewing bee first as the contestants were given the task of sewing with knitted fabrics for the first time ever to create a dress for their model. In an added twist, one of the jumpers they used had to be bought from home and mean something to the sewers personally.

Garment of the week: Matt's Multi-Panelled Skirt Winter Dress and Nicole's Stripy Puzzle Winter Dress

Eliminated: Peter

Episode 7: 1980's Week

After episode 6 focused on the future of the fashion industry, episode 7 asked contestants to draw inspiration from the past by creating a series of garments inspired by the classic 1980's style. The week started with the most difficult pattern challenge so far: creating a women's power jacket. Following this, the sewers were asked to showcase their creative side by transforming high-vis work clothes into party outfits. Finally, the made-to-measure challenge saw the sewers creating a cocktail dress - a true icon of 1980's fashion.

Garment of the week: Nicole's 80s Split and Shimmer Cocktail Dress

Eliminated: Therese