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How to Sew: Edgestitch

Watch our helpful video guide: How to sew a edgestitch. One of our Learn To Sew video guides.

This video demonstrates how to sew an edgestitch. Edgestitching is done very close to the seam. This video shows how to edgestitch with a regular presser foot.

There are special presser feet available specifically for edgestitching, if you want to invest in one – they include a guide that keeps your stitching parallel to the seam.

What’s the difference between edgestitching and topstitching?

Edgestitching is used to hold multiple layers in place such as securing a pleat or pocket, or stitched around a collar. Topstitching can be decorative and positioned further away from the seam. It is often sewn in contrast colour, sometimes uses thicker thread and doesn’t have to hold layers in place where it is stitched.

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