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If you’re looking for some crafty ‘me time’ but aren’t ready to complete a sewing pattern – fear not! Customising pre-existing garments is a great way to ease yourself in gently.



Altering the style for your own unique look

Adding embellishments to a simple garment in a plain fabric is a great way of adding a unique twist to a dull piece of clothing. Just raid your wardrobe for an inexpensive way of kick starting your hobby.

Here is some Simplicity inspiration, showing how you can add some sparkle to spruce up a simple shirt.

 1279_TP_A_049 copy

Enhance the neckline – It’s a simple addition that can transform a dull looking garment into a statement piece- adding a colourful piece of trim.  This is best hand-sewn in place, so that you can stitch it invisibly and without stretching the fabric as you stitch. As well as adding a trim around the neckline, you can add a pretty ribbon, braid or fringing along the hem of a skirt, around pockets or below waistbands.  For trims over 6mm wide, machine stitch down both long edges, working in the same direction each time, using a straight stitch and thread to match the trim. Narrower trims can be stitched down the middle with a zigzag stitch.

TIP: Use a zip foot to machine stitch beaded or bulky trims in place so that you can get closer to the trim edge.


We love the neckline on Dottie Angel's 8153 pattern
We love the neckline on Dottie Angel’s 8153 pattern


Changing the neckline – You can change T-shirt necklines to lower them, or add an inset into those that are too low to start with. Just remember when working with a stretchy fabric like T-shirting, it is important to stabilise the fabric before cutting into it otherwise you can inadvertently stretch it as you work. Having cut the neckline lower, you can then finish the edge with bias binding (see below).


Add an applique – Simply add any motif or fabric shape and apply it to the surface of a base fabric (the garment). They may be ready-made and even have a fusible backing so they can be ironed in place, or they can be created from any complimentary fabric and then stitched in place. Appliques brighten up a plain garment or can be used to cover stains, rips or snags!


Embrace embroidery – Not only is it incredibly pretty, but it’s also massively on trend – making embroidery a must on any stitcher’s 2017 to-do list. We love this collar design, created by the very talented Senorita Lylo and featured in issue 20 of Make It Today 😍

Make It Today


Are you inspired to customise your clothes? Let us how you’ll be getting creative with you wardrobe!