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The Simplicity Sewing Challenge. Are you our winner?

Hello fellow sewists! It’s Rachel, from House of Pinheiro taking over Simplicity’s blog today.

I’m really excited to be one the judges this year. Did you know my first ever sewing project was Simplicity 2451

Each category’s pattern has a lot of potential for individualisation and creativity. What I am looking for on each contest entry is a well constructed garment with touches of the maker’s personality. It doesn’t matter if you just followed the pattern as is or made your own interpretations. Impress us by sharing as many views as possible. We all mad about sewing and love to geek out on details.

Photography is one area that a lot of participants worry about. I know that taking pictures of a sewing project sometimes can be harder than the sewing for some participants. We all feel self-conscious and awkward. Just remember that you don’t need fancy equipment or model poses. We, as judges, don’t care about fancy backdrops. We need to be able to see how the clothes fit. Just stand tall and relaxed. Think of the camera as a close friend. You are just sharing your latest effort. Let the camera capture how proud you feel.  We would love to see the garment from the front, back and side.


Need some photography tips?

Take pictures on natural day light. On sunny days avoid the harsh light by standing under shade like a tree. The top cover works as a natural light diffuser. We will be able to see the details better.  Don’t be afraid to try different distances from the camera to get different prospects of your garment.

Simplicity Rachel

If you are taking pictures of yourself on a timer use the reverse focus technique. Position your tripod on where you will stand, position yourself where the camera will be and lock the focus. Camera focus works on distances so as long as you mount your camera on the same distance your pictures should focus.

My advice when shooting with a self timer continuous mode is to do smaller movements changes at every click. Don’t try to move the whole body as you are not as fast as the camera. Move your head sideways, your hands grip, raise or lower your shoulders, drop your eyes, smile. Be confident, try a few pictures in front of the mirror and get shooting. You can use free photo editor pic monkey to crop and resize your picture.

Presentation: A Saville row tailor once told me: “You can save sewing imperfections with a good pressing but bad pressing will most definitely ruin your project.”

Haven’t entered yet? Here is how to get involved:

Email Simplicity at [email protected] requesting a copy of the pattern you’d like to complete and your address and size details.

To enter, post a picture of your completed Simplicity project on your blog or send Simplicity pictures of your make to Simplicity’s Twitter or Facebook page. MUST use #SimplicitySewingChallenge.

I cannot wait to see your projects!

Entries must be received by the competition closing date: 31st August 2016.