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Spread some Campbell-style magic with stuffed toy sewing patterns

Stuffed toy sewing patterns can help you to stitch a little more magic into the world, following in the footsteps of an Australian boy whose efforts made global headlines in late October.

Campbell Remess is only 12 years old, but has already spent three years of his life making a new teddy bear from scratch every day to donate to children in hospital.

His initiative is called Project 365, except for in leap years, when it naturally becomes Project 365+1, and was recently featured on The Feed, a human interest channel from Australian broadcaster SBS.

Their feature on Campbell showed his stockpile of fabric – with plenty of furry materials suitable for making teddies.

He said: “This is all my fabric, basically… I’ve got some patterns in these,” pointing to different carefully arranged parcels and packages.

The clip shows Campbell giving some of the teddies away to deserving children at his local hospital – and a special bear he made for his dad, too.

Nathan survived cancer five years ago, but was told there was an 80% chance it would come back, which it eventually did.

Campbell made a special bear for him, to take away his stress and help him beat it again. Nathan is now a double survivor, with no sign of the cancer returning again.

As Christmas approaches, Campbell will be laying out the stuffed toy sewing patterns and ramping up production once again.

Writing on his website Project 365 by Campbell, he explains: “I have done this for two Christmases now and I love it. I make special bears to auction and fundraise for people too.”

If you love sewing just as much as Campbell, Christmas is the perfect time to take his lead, stock up on stuffed toy sewing patterns, and spread a little festive magic to some deserving people in your life.