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Measurement Tables For Your Home





  1.  First, decide where the rod is to be placed. This is a crucial decision because it determines the width as well as the length of the window treatment. This will also determine the size of the rod you need to purchase.
  2. Consider the fact that the rod may be placed any distance to the right and/or left of the window frame to give a good proportion to the room.
  3. Measure rod width from end to end; this is your face width.
  4. Add projection or returns to the face width; this is your finished width.




  1. Measure from top of rod to desired length. When rod is to be installed in a drapery or valance pocket,add 1⁄2″ (1.3cm) for “take-up.”
  2. If treatment is to have a header add that amount to the finished length because that part of the treatment will be above the rod.
  3. When you have added your desired length including the take-up and header that is your finished length.



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To avoid an unattractive center seam the center panel of the duvet cover or comforter should use approximately one entire width of 44/45″ (115cm) or 54″ (140cm) fabric. For Twin and Double/Queen sizes the remaining fabric length is split into two equal width side panels. For King size each panel uses an entire width of fabric.

As a guide, a Piecing Diagram is included for our four standard sizes mattresses. The diagrams include the suggested length and width measurements for each panel.

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