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#SimplicitySummerSewingChallenge Countdown!

Hands up who is excited about showing off your Sewing Challenge entry? Or hands up whose sewing room is draped with various fabrics waiting to be pinned manically?! Yes the time is near, and you guys have just over 2 weeks to complete your entries.

We’ve spotted some fantastic in progress posts, from pattern arrival, to process shots to the final piece. So, we thought we would share some Sewing Challenge snaps with you and get that competitive spirit pumping!

Patterns through the Post: 

It seems like the vintage pattern is the champion of the challenge so far, with many of you sharing your eagerly awaited deliveries.






Fabric Choices:

We are officially in awe of some of the amazing fabrics you guys are working with. From bold prints to stylishly simple designs, UK designs and fabrics from around the world, the fabric choices so far have been fabulous.






Progress Shots: 

Thank you to all the stitchers that have shared your sewing stories. We have listened to your woes, and seen you unpick and restitch to get it right! It’ll all be worth it.






The Final Piece: 

For some of you eager beavers, your hard work has already paid off. We must say, you haven’t disappointed. Keep em coming guys!

Calire Anthony 2 Vintage


Charmaine West Vintage


Helen 1 Vintage