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Simplicity Superheroes Fly into the UK

We’ve all had that dream sometime in our life, to have superpowers, to fly, to have great strength and even immense speed…just imagine how quickly you would be able to sew that new dress?!

Now dreams can become reality, for one night only as least – as we have a special arrival of superhero costumes coming to Simplicity UK. You can reward us with the key to the city if you must!

With the patterns set to land on the site next week, here is a sneaky peek!



Why Sew Serious?

There would be no need for heroes if there weren’t villains around. Get the Joker in your life to live up to his name with this DC costume. If the Joker doesn’t take your fancy, get creative with your own super villain.


Every Batman Needs a Batwoman!

Knock it out the park at Comic Con and join forces to become an unstoppable duo with this Bombshell Batwoman costume. Show your inner fierce with style using #Simplicity8432


A Vintage Wonder

Are you a fan of pin up and DC comics? Then we have the perfect cosplay outfit for you. Simplicity pattern 8196 puts a vintage twist on Wonder Woman, allowing you to save the world one era at a time.


The Year of the Superkids

Make way for the new breed of superheroes in town. That’s right, rife with sonic boom tantrums and the power of cuteness, we have mini makes sorted too.  Find Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl all in pattern 1035.


Super Cute

That’s right, we can’t miss out on the super tots! Ready to explode eardrums with their shrieking cry and melt hearts with their doe-eyed looks. Create the ultimate powerhouse family clan with these Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl pattern #Simplicity8193.



Now, back to the bat cave we go – for some serious sewing!