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Simplicity Stitch By Stitch: Pattern 1318 (Part 2)

Hello! It’s Kirsty here, from Learn to Sew & welcome back to my Simplicity Stitch by Stitch feature!

Part 2 of Simplicity’s 1318 pattern step by step guide will see you complete this stylish Kimono jacket. If you’d like to catch up with Part 1 of my Stitch by Stitch guide, you can find it HERE.

Happy stitching!

Stitch by Stitch Visual part 2


Step 1.

I clipped the upper edge of the back as far as the stay-stitching line.  A few little triangle cuts to give ease to the curve of the neckline. With RIGHT sides together I pinned the band to the kimono, all the way around the inner front edges and neckline. The notches, shoulder seams and small dots all act as guides to correctly align the fabric in place.



Again it was time to trim the seam and clip the curves, to ensure a smooth streamlined finish to the band.

I then pressed the seam towards the band and pressed the band out.


Step 2

I stitched the shoulder seams of the band facings together in the same way as the front band in step 6.

Using a hot iron I pressed the fabric under 5/8″ along the notched edge and trimmed this to 1/4″. (As an alternative to pressing, you could run a basting stitch along the 5/8″ mark and use this to fold the fabric more easily.)

With RIGHT sides together I then pinned the facing to the band, again matching up the centers, shoulder seams and small dots. I then trimmed the seams and corners and clipped the curves.

Step 3

To reinforce the band, I understitched. This was done by pressing the band facing and seam away from the Kimono Jacket, stitching through the facing and seam allowances as close to the seam and as far along as possible.

Step 4 

I then turned the facing over to the INSIDE of the Kimono jacket and pressed it down using a hot iron. On the INSIDE I pinned the pressed edge of the band facing over the seam and slip stitched it into place.

Step 5

With RIGHT sides together I stitched the ends of the sleeve band (creating a cuff). I then pressed under 5/8″ on the unnotched edge and trimmed it to 1/4″.


With RIGHT sides together I pinned the band to the sleeve edge, matching the notches and seams. Then stitched it in place with the sewing machine.

Step 6

Almost finished! I turned the cuff facing to the inside, pressed down with a hot iron and slip-stitched the pressed edge of the band facing over the seam.

And here it is….Simplicity’s fabulous kimono jacket! 

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