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Simplicity Spotlight: Lazy Daisy Jones

Meet Ashley Cramp (the name behind lazy Daisy Jones) as we find out more about what inspires her, the 8087 sewing pattern and working with Simplicity.  

At Simplicity we’re always on the lookout for the latest talent on the sewing circuit, which is why when we heard of sewing superstar Lazy Daisy Jones we had to hear more!

Here we catch up with Ashley, to find out more about the inspiration behind her Simplicity sewing pattern:

 8087_CR_DS_CH_B_074 copy

Q: How did the collaboration with Simplicity take place?

I had been chatting about sewing and sharing images of my latest makes on Instagram, the lovely ladies at Simplicity joined in and liked a dress I had made. It went from there with lots of emails flying between us!


Q: What inspired you to make these pattern projects?

My inspiration for this pattern was the weather. Last July, whilst working from home I decided I needed something cool to wear. It needed to be simple, comfortable and fun, with lots of pockets. Pockets are a necessity for me as I crochet and like to photograph my work. I need a pocket for my phone, one for my notebook and one for my hook and yarn!

I had an idea for a dress and a tunic and Simplicity suggested a child’s version too!


Q: How long have you been sewing?

I have been sewing since I was six, which was a very a long time ago. I used to make dolls clothes and once made a dress for the family cat. I cut up anything I could get my hands on. My late Nan was a huge influence on me. Whilst growing up I spent a lot of time with her. She would have been thrilled and proud to know I have designed a pattern for Simplicity!


8087_CR_DS_CH_A_055 copy

Q: What top tips would you give to people creating your project?

My top tips for anyone sewing my pattern would be to use different fabric combinations, be colourful and bright, or pale and subtle. Whatever fabric and trims you choose mix it up and don’t be afraid to experiment. Have lots of fun with your fabric choices, you could even treat it like a patchwork project and use a different piece of fabric for each pattern piece?

 8087_CR_DS_CH_B_120 copy

A pretty pattern! Simplicity 8087

Designed to suit all sewing levels, whether you’re a relative newcomer to the world of sewing or have been crafting away for years, the pattern is a zipless design and can simply be pulled over your head – making it quick and easy to complete.

The pattern includes makes for adults and children, offering two different projects within the same pattern – so all bases are covered, whether you’re looking to create something for yourself or a special outfit for a younger relative or family friend.

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