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Simplicity Pattern Hacks: Get the Knack!

So, you’re looking to get creative and get a little more out of your sewing patterns? At Simplicity, we make it easy with lots of options for design hacking. We have some really stylish pattern hacks, perfect for the upcoming winter season, and with our patterns we’ve taken the hassle out of designing your own from scratch.

Lengthen a sleeve here, add a trim there – don’t be afraid of getting creative. We’d love to see your take on a Simplicity make, so get sewing!


Starting basic

This dress is a really simple starting point, but there are so many ways to modify it. This Simplicity 8375 pattern allows you to add ruffles for a look that’s bang on trend, or even make a long-sleeved top.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Dress

Layer with knits

Take the above design into winter with Simplicity 8377’s knit cardigan. Pattern hacking with a trim can add a splash of colour, or you could create a more flattering shape by adding a belt.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Cardigan

Trendy tees

Simplicity 8376 is another basic starting design to inspire you. Again, you can add ruffles – but if you’re feeling more adventurous you can transform this design completely into a Baby Doll top.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Top


The Simplicity 8378 pattern hack makes this design so versatile. You can keep the look smarter with a more tailored take, but you also have the option to create loungewear.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Trousers

The long and short of skirts

Another great option for knitted fabrics! You can do more with this Simplicity 8474 pattern than you might think – shorten and add ruffles, or keep the length and stitch in a pick-up.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Skirt

Cape shapes

This Simplicity 8473 design is great if you are looking for something a little different from your usual outerwear. We have given you several options, such as adding bands or shortening the cape.

Simplicity Pattern Hacking Cape


We can’t wait to see if you have any other unique takes on these designs! Share your creations with Simplicity on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page.