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Sew Long Great British Sewing Bee: 3 reasons we loved this show

After four amazing series of inspiring sewing, nail biting challenges, funny one liners (from both Claudia and the contestants) and expert sewing advice – we’re disappointed to hear that The Great British Sewing Bee isn’t going to return to our BBC TV screens.

If you’re a dedicated GBSB fan, just like us, you’ll know that this show was jam packed with entertaining TV and special sewing moments.

Here is why we loved this show so much:


It inspired people to sew

Bursting on to our TV screens in 2013, the GBSB proved exactly what we always knew – that sewing is an amazing life skill that can be enjoyed by anyone, helping you tap into your creative side, discover what styles suit you and create something handmade.

We think this May Martin clip sums up perfectly why everyone should sew:


The amazing makes

We loved watching each of the stitchers as they embraced a new sewing challenge, let us know why they loved particular patterns and took on the sewing machine to transform fabric into a fabulous make. What’s there not on love!

Here’s a flashback shot of the lovely Lauren Guthrie and her take on New Look 6130 – we loved it there and we still love it now!

Lauren collage
Pictures: A Stitching Odyssey


Creative contestants

The makes may have been amazing, but the show wouldn’t have been the same without the contestants and their bubbly personalities.

Whether it was a day of tears or tantrums, the atmosphere in that sewing room was very inspiring, with each of the series showing how supportive each of the contestants were to each other.

Here’s a clip from 2016’s series, showing the ladies tackling a Japanese pattern together: