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13 Funniest GBSB Moments of 2016

Our Monday nights soon won’t be the same. With the end of GBSB in sight, we’re already pining for our weekly stitching advice and Claudia’s hilarious anecdotes. As well as the inspirational projects and dressmakers we grow to adore, our favourite programme is full of laughs, and without these (let’s be honest) we’ll be left with a little empty void in our lives. If you too are wondering what you’ll do without your Sewing Bee fix, we might have something to help. We’ve rounded up some moments from this year’s series that have left us chuckling, so you can keep on smiling long after the finale.


Claudia PVC top

No one, Claudia. Absolutely no one – we’ll take two!


Angeline ironing

Angeline may look like she’s torturing her model, but they do say, “press as you go” after all!


Boob gate 1

Charlotte preempts and quite possibly prevents a nip-slip disaster


Joyce 1960s

Joyce’s in depth and intense description of the 1960s


Josh and bras

Josh’s very real bra worries – we feel the same way about cake…



The sheer tension – We’ve definitely grown a few more greys… and we’re only the viewers! Those poor contestants

Claudia 1980s

Claudia taking us back to the eighties


Claudia face

Claudia’s expressions. Obviously



Just Claudia in general really. Who else would mention pet goat and Dr Who in the same sentence?


Rumana's orders

Patrick and Esme willingly taking orders from Rumana. You go girl!


Charlotte and Claudia

Charlotte and Claudia talking about the essentials of parenting

Esme innuendo

Oh Esme


Charlotte's perspective

Charlotte putting sewing into perspective. We have to say we whole heartedly agree!


All images taken from @sewingbee via Twitter


The Great British Sewing Bee is on BBC TWO, Monday 9pm – Catch up on series four here


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