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11 Costumes To Release Your Inner Geek

Looking for a superhero make for Comic Con this month or a totally kawaii costume for Hyper Japan in July? Simplicity has all the stitching patterns you need to let out your nerdy side, and what better day to post than on Star Wars Day itself! So collect your fabric and start up your machine, young padawan, and May the 4th be with you.





Is fantasy your go-to genre? Can’t get enough of wizards and witches, mystical creatures and magical trinkets? Then we think this costume is for you. Transform into Gandalf with a wizard pattern, or make a few tweaks and become one of legend’s most powerful sorcerers, Merlin. The cape pattern offers many possibilities too, from a crimson fabric for Red Riding Hood to black for a Sith Lord.




Whether fighting evil by moonlight or cosplaying by daylight, your anime and manga costume needs are answered with Simplicity 1092. Why not create a whole range of outfits in different colours, get some friends together and go as the whole Sailor Moon troupe?





You will go to the ball in this Disney Cinderella pattern, all you need now is your glass slippers and pumpkin carriage! Find a friend to make a fairy godmother costume and your set will be complete. This pattern can easily be altered to recreate a whole host of Disney princess ball gowns; add ruffles for Belle, puffed sleeves for Ariel or sweeping green layers for Tiana.





What better way to get in touch with your geeky side than to stitch up a gaming inspired cosplay! This warrior princess pattern would be perfect for a Legend of Zelda theme, being easily tweaked to create Princess Zelda or Princess Hilda. The pattern also comes with instructions on how to make foam armour, which vastly opens up your options.





Victorian fashions combined with machinery? You can’t get better than steampunk in our books. The possibilities are endless with this style of pattern. Celebrate video games like Bioshock and Assassins Creed, or classic literature like H.G.Wells and Lovecraft. Stitch together this pattern, add some welding goggles, and you’re good to go.





What could be cuter than a parent and child cosplay? This pattern includes matching capes for you, your little one and their dolly. Why not dress as a family of Red Riding Hoods or Snow Queens? Alternatively, use a dark brown fabric and become a Jedi Knight, training your youngling in the ways of the force.





Time travel has never looked so good! Create and wear your own blue box, or regenerate your fabric into a Dalek-inspired dress. All you need is the Doctor by your side and the universe, time and space will be yours to explore.





Simplicity 1045 is the perfect make for medieval or fantasy cosplay. With a variety of sleeve, neckline and bodice options, this pattern is versatile, helping you to recreate a character you love. We think this makes for great Game of Thrones inspired costume. Stitch this and become a true Khaleesi (queen of everything).





Love a good western? Try this costume pattern, which includes a men’s shirt, jacket and waistcoat. Team with a cowboy hat and a fake (or real!) moustache and prepare for pistols at dawn. We also think this pattern would work perfectly for a steampunk or dignified gentleman’s costume – we love a good Mr Darcy!





If period dramas are your thing, try out this Edwardian style pattern. Look fit to grace the drawing rooms of Downton, or browse the rails with Mr Selfridge. Stitch using silky and vintage fabrics for an authentic look.




We end on a well-loved cosplay staple, the corset. This pattern allows you to create a variety of styles in the front, and are all laced at the back. Why not choose a male character and recreate their look in a feminine style using a corset you’ve stitched yourself? We love the idea of making a whole team of Batman villains with this pattern, using purple for The Joker, green for The Riddler and two-tone for Two Face.



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