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Why don't patterns fit like RTW?

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Question 1
Why don't patterns fit like ready-to-wear? I wear a size 6 in ready-to-wear and refuse to believe I am a size 10 in patterns.

Many people have trouble with fit because they can't break the "ready-to-wear" habit. What do we mean? It means you have to forget about what size you are in ready-to-wear, and reconcile yourself to the fact that your pattern size will be different. "I know I'm a size 10 so why can't I just buy a size 10 pattern and know it will fit?" You can't! Think about the last time you went shopping for ready-to-wear clothes. Did all the size 10 garments fit you exactly the say way? We're sure they didn't.

Simply put, when it comes to size, there is no consistency among ready-to-wear manufacturers. Our patterns, however, are consistent. We always use the same basic body measurements to draft the corresponding pattern size, regardless of the fashion style or designer logo that appears on the pattern. This means that once you have determined your correct pattern size and know what pattern adjustments you need, making the necessary changes on the pattern tissue becomes an automatic and routine part of your sewing. For more detailed information on how to determine your correct pattern size see the article Sewing vs Ready-to-Wear.

Sections | Pattern Sizes / Info | FAQ's |  Why don't patterns fit like RTW?