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Cutters & Mats

Soft'n Sharp Professional Scissors Soft'n Sharp Professional Scissors Ref: 90
Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen, cutting out's a breeze with Janome's Soft'n Sharp Professional Collection. The ergonomic, soft, squeezable handles won't crack. The top quality stainless steel, rust resistant, durable blades hold their edge for longer. Specialised styles cater for particular tasks, including, curved embroidery scissors, left handed scissors for left handed sewers, pinking shears for decorative finishes, a sidebent pair 'bent' along the lower section to glide across the cutting table or board, and professional tailor's shears. The hobby, dressmaking/multi-purpose, and tailor's shears have micro-serrated top blade to grip fine fabrics like silk and prevent slippage, combined with a regular blade below for smooth cutting action. Fine ground, knife-edge blades on other styles slice through fabric with ease.

Item 3 20.00cm Dressmaking Multi-Purpose (M554) 18.50
Item 4 20.00cm Left Hand Dressmaking Shears (M555) 18.50
Item 5 20.00cm Pinking Shears (M556) 25.50
Item 6 23.00cm Sidebent Dressmaking Shears (M557) 21.95
Item 7 25.5cm Tailors Shears (M558) 30.00


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