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Pebble General Household Sewing Kit

Pebble General Household Sewing Kit

Ref: 3678

Retail Price: 6.95


This delicious Pebble Sewing Kit is an ideal gift for the beginner and contains 3 essential tools no household should be without. Included in this kit is a Stitch Ripper, Household Assorted Needles in a vivacious pink Pebble and a Tape Measure.

The Stitch Ripper, sometimes called a Seam Ripper, comes in a delightful shade of cornflower blue and is a great tool for unpicking stitches and cutting thread in a seam. Ideal in the use of altering hems in readymade garments, particularly trouser hems.
Please note that this is not suitable for children and must always be stored with the safety cap on.

The Household Assorted Pebble in vivacious pink contains an assortment of 12 general needles for all sewing needs. These are stored safely and effectively inside the Pebble.

The Tape Measure is 60" / 150cm in length and is made of fibreglass which means it will not tear or stretch. The tape measure features inches on one side and centimetres on the other.